The Benefits of Fleet Fuel Cardlock

One of our commitments to our customers is to provide innovative energy management products and services, which includes our fleet card cardlock. In addition to being able to access a variety of high quality bulk fuel and lubricants, we understand the necessity of being able to effectively manage your fleet’s fuel and energy consumption. As an authorized franchisee of Pacific Pride, we’re able to offer our customers the benefits of the Fleet Fuel Cardlock system. These benefits include: 

  • 24/7 access at most Pacific Pride Cardlock locations. 
  • Easy commercial vehicle access at each location.
  • Access to 1,000+ Pacific Pride fueling locations throughout the U.S. and 57,000 retail locations – anywhere you see a Pacific Pride, Chevron, Texaco, Pilo, Love’s or Flying J sign, your card is welcome!
  • Utilize mobile apps to plan routes and provide your drivers with instant search capabilities anywhere, anytime. 

This Fleet Fuel Cardlock system allows you to create a fueling program that works for your fleet, while also providing outstanding security controls and online account access. When it comes to managing your fleet’s efficiency, this is one powerful card!

3 Simple Steps for Using the Fleet Fuel Cardlock

One of the best things about using the Fleet Fuel Cardlock is how easy it is to use for everyone, every step of the way. Here’s a look at how the Fleet Fuel Cardlock works to help you achieve maximum efficiency:

  1. We will work with you to assign each vehicle in your fleet with an Access Card, which is encoded with restrictions based on your fuel purchasing policies. For example, you can customize which grades of fuel are allowed, the number of gallons, and the time of day and week they’re allowed to purchase. Given the card is linked to the vehicle, you’ll be able to track the odometer and MPG in order to monitor your driver’s habits and ensure there’s no misuse of the card. 
  2. When your driver uses their card, they will only need to enter their unique Driver ID Number (DIN). If that driver switches vehicles, no problem! Their DIN will work with every Vehicle Card in your fleet! Your driver can also use their card to purchase other needs for their vehicle, such as motor oil, DEF, air, water, window cleaning and truck washing equipment. 
  3. Once the transaction is complete, that data is recorded and available for viewing online. This allows for quick and easy analysis of all of your fleet’s fuel purchases in real time! Some of the data variables you can track include location, vehicle, driver, time and day, miles per gallon, cost per mile, as well as the ability to expose unusual activity. All of this information is available on one easy-to-read billing statement that can be downloaded for use in other fleet management softwares or other programs (such as Excel). 

If you’re ready to improve your fleet’s efficiency, we’re here to help! Contact us at 1-800-217-7433 or (530) 742-7614 for a free estimate and to learn more about getting set up with Fleet Fuel Cardlock today.