Pacific Pride’s Fleet Fueling Cards

We know that managing an efficient fleet can feel daunting at times. Since we started, our main focus has been to offer ways to help you save time and money, and to make a difference in the successful future of your business. That’s why we became an authorized franchisee of Pacific Pride. As a result, we’re able to offer our customers all of the benefits associated with their Pride Advantage and their Fleet Fuel Cardlock system. Pacific Pride’s Fleet Fueling Cardlock system provides easy monitoring of your fleet’s maintenance, service and vehicle use, as well as access to more than 57,000 convenient cardlock locations across the United States. 

The Benefits of Pacific Pride’s Fleet Fueling Cards

By using the Fleet Fueling cards, the PrideAdvantage program provides a fueling program that’s tailored to your requirements, including access to industry-leading security controls and online account access. Discover how you can reach your goal of better fuel accountability by taking advantage of these top benefits of using Pacific Pride’s Fleet Fueling cards: 

  • Maintenance Tracking: Want to track odometer readers at each fuel stop for maintenance and scheduled services? This is all done seamlessly and electronically, with e-receipts emailed per transaction, allowing you to track real-time purchases for either individual or all Fleet Fueling cards. 
  • Control: Need to limit your Fleet Fueling cards’ transactions? Every driver or vehicle in your fleet is issued a network Access Card encoded with billing and security numbers, product access, and information specific to an individual customer. Think of it like a bank card. This Cardlock system then allows you to limit the time of day, day of week, and transactions per day, by gallon or by dollars. Each of these parameters can be further customized and applied to either your entire fleet or a single driver. Best of all, you won’t ever have to worry about lost receipts or unauthorized purchases ever again!
  • Online Reporting: You can access real-time fueling data by logging into a secure portal on Pacific Pride’s website. From there you can download all of your fueling transactions for use in Excel, or any other accounting programs. Pacific Pride also issues detailed statements to your company to help simplify your bookkeeping and improve your control of your fleet.
  • Exporting & Sharing: When it comes to exporting or sharing your data, you can choose whatever file format works best for you. Additionally fuel consumption and odometer readings can be emailed to your maintenance supervisor, accounting department, division managers, and anyone else who is helping to manage your fleet’s efficiency.  

Start Benefiting Today!

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