Pacific Pride: Diesel Gas For All

Our mission is to provide high-quality bulk fuel, lubricant, and fleet card products to all our customers. No matter what you drive – whether it’s a large truck that’s part of a larger fleet or a single, small pick-up truck – we’re committed to keeping you fueled with the best diesel gas available! That’s why we’ve been a proud partner of Pacific Pride. With Pacific Pride’s growing network of automated fueling stations and easy-to-use fleet fueling cardlock system, Pacific Pride is the ideal choice for creating better fuel efficiency and accountability for your business.

If you are located in Northern California, we have several Lakeview Fueling Stations available to serve you. And if you’re on the road, our cardlock members will enjoy 24-hour access to 400,000+ Pacific Pride fueling locations throughout the United States. These conveniently located fuel stations offer the highest quality diesel fuel, with easy access for trucks and trailers of all sizes.

Top 5 Benefits of High-Quality Diesel Fuel

No matter the size of your fleet, fueling up with the highest quality diesel fuel can increase overall efficiency and equipment longevity. Here are our top 5 reasons to fuel up with the best diesel fuel: 

  1. Better Lubrication: Diesel lubricants help reduce friction and preserve the fuel pump and injection components. Given these parts are under intense pressure, using better lubrication can lead to fewer costly repairs.
  2.  Higher Cetane: A higher cetane number means better ignition quality, which leads to faster start-ups, reduced wear and tear on your battery, and less pollution.
  3. Better Detergents: Diesel fuel detergents keep your fuel and engine components clean by reducing buildup on the fuel injectors. Keeping these parts clean means fewer repairs so that you can keep your fleet on the road!
  4. Better Additives: Premium diesel fuel includes additives that can extend the fuel and engine life.
  5. More Efficient Engine Components: By fueling your fleet with premium diesel fuel, you’re ensuring your vehicle runs more powerfully and efficiently. 

Whether you’re fueling up for your regular workday, a road trip, or a race, we look forward to providing the highest quality diesel fuel to keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency!