Pacific Pride Fueling

Gas stations can be hectic. People pulling in, backing out, weaving in and out of other cars; it is a definite danger zone. That is why we have created a community of gas stations that allow for easy access not just for tractor-trailers, but for the regular citizen needing fuel-up.

Not Just for Semis

Our Pacific Pride Stations are located throughout Northern California. With 14 fueling stations we have all of your vehicles covered no matter where you find yourself.


We want all of our guests to feel appreciated when they visit one of our fueling stations. That is why we have onsite stores at every location! From snacks and drinks to Advil to help your aching back, we have everything you need to make your road trip go smoothly. Plus, we recently partnered with Starbucks! This allows for you to fuel up your car and your caffeine at the same time. 

No need to worry about a specific fuel grade,we carry all levels of fuel, regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel. Allowing you to bring all your different vehicles to any of our locations.

Trucks & Trailers

We have all been there. You try to fill up your boat or trailer, but you can’t get fit into a fueling spot. Even when you do,someone will usually pull in before you can.

With our fueling stations, that’s a problem of the past. Need to fuel up your:

  • Trailer?
  • Boat?
  • Sand toys?
  • RV?

No matter how large your haul, we have ample opportunities to fill up your vehicles with our commercial-sized fueling locations.

Semi Trucks

Semi truck fueling is why Pacific Pride was started. With no Petroleum Distributors in the Yuba and Sutter counties, we stepped up to the plate and have been fueling the area ever since. 

We are proud to be a part of the trucking industry. One of our proudest partnerships is that we fuel the agriculture business in not just Northern California but all of California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

Visit A Pacific Pride Location Today

Our locations provide the easiest fuel opportunities for a wide variety of vehicles. 

Whether you are filling up for your commute or a family road trip, Pacific Pride is there for you!