Reduce Energy Consumption Costs

Want to cut back on energy consumption costs but think it would be too time consuming? The amount of time it would take to sort through piles of bills and find where you can cut a few bucks just doesn’t seem worth it, but don’t fret, we here at Lakeview can help you obtain great cost reduction opportunities through our partnership with GreenTraks® Energy Manager. This energy management system provides real time analytics about your company’s performance.

GreenTraks® Energy Manager

Our team is proud to partner with GreenTraks® Energy Manager to provide customers with solutions for their energy needs. This software-as-a-service provides simple yet comprehensive solutions for data management. Fuel and utility databases are all combined into one system allowing for easy access and analysis.

Keep track of fuel, electricity, natural gas, water, and waste all in one place with their performance metrics.

Our Vital Components

  • Energy Usage Tracking
    • Quickly view and manage all of your energy data in one place
  • Fleet Monitoring
    • Manage vehicle energy costs with all other energy costs
  • Property Portfolio Benchmarking
    • Identify inefficient facilities
  • Energy-Efficiency Project Tracking
    • Track and Report Your Successes
  • Carbon Footprint Reporting
    • Report and track all your direct and indirect carbon emissions.

Benefits of Tracking Energy

  1. The energy manager reduces energy costs. By having all data in a centralized system, management is able to look over areas with the most energy output and focus efficiency upgrade projects on areas that need it most. Targeting these areas will lead to the most savings and energy cutbacks.
  2. It can optimize your organization’s image. Customers want to see what is being done by companies for their sustainability. When companies show their sustainability plans, it creates a competitive advantage.
  3. It can also lessen exposure to risk. This is done through tracking and reporting findings. This is two fold. First, it creates happy stakeholders who want to see all sides of a business. Two, it helps companies stay ahead of the curve for energy benchmarking. With increasing social pressures and legislation, knowing where your company sits in emissions output is huge. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions becomes so much easier when a company is already tracking their emissions. 

Tried and True

Lakeview has experienced the benefits of GreenTraks® Energy Manager first hand! We ourselves use the product and are able to save thousands of dollars a year. Not to mention we received a refund for over $48,000, for an overcharge from an energy efficiency vendor due to GreenTraks® keeping tabs on all of our data!

We loved the Energy Manager so much that we partnered with GreenTraks®. As a licensed reseller of the GreenTraks® Energy Manager, we can help you implement this system into your company.

Want to..

  • Reduce your carbon footprint?
  • Save money?
  • Know your company’s energy output?

Are you ready?